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HR Compliance 101

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or figuring out the latest State & Federal regulations, you need professional outsourced human resources.

Now you can access more than 30 years of human resource and safety experience — when you need it, for as long as you need it. HR Compliance 101 provides outsourced human resource and safety services throughout New Hampshire, Florida and across New England.

Why do companies call HR Compliance 101 to outsource their human resources?

  • Because they need professional on-site Human Resource services without the expense of a full-time Human Resource professional
  • Because they want to spend more time building their business —and less time worrying
  • Because they want to avoid fines beginning at $5000 and avoid lawsuits
  • Because they want to raise morale and productivity
  • Because they want to save money by reducing turnover to less than 5%

You need someone capable and who keeps up with regulations, which is a job in itself. Someone who fits in and doesn’t make people say, ‘Oh, no, she’s back. We’re in trouble.’ Paula doesn’t just do things. She teaches us how to do them.

Gary Barnard, President and Founder, Moldpro, Inc., West Swanzey, New Hampshire

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